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2024 GIGS

May 25th
Highlands Ranch Mansion

June 12th
Berkley Manor Care
735 Locust St. Denver
10:00 am

June 29th
Ross-Broadway Library
33 E Bayaud Ave
Harp performance and hands on harp for kids
10:30-11:30 am

July 12th
Brittany Hill, Thornton

July 15th
Botanic Gardens - El Fresco Nights

5-8 PM

July 27th
Greenbriar Inn, Boulder

August 16th
Botanic Gardens Denver

August 24th
Parker, CO

October 12, 2024
Save Our Youth Fund Raiser
2000 16th St. Mall
5:45-6:45 pm

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Hello harpers! Keep safe during these uncertain times and keep filling hearts and the airwaves with music! Available for online lessons using Skype or Zoom. Peace

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Folk Harp for the Young Beginner book

Celtic Harp Anthology

English Carols for Celtic Harp book
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This BBC Series is set in the 18th century quaint village of Cranford, in the county of Cheshire in North West England. The traditional way of life moves towards uncomfortable changes as signs of progress intrude on daily life. Cranford is delightfully filled with classic town characters with the gossip, the snob, the meek and humble, rigid spinsters, the separation of classes, the soft and accommodating, the would be creative, the learned and unlearned, the desperate looking for husbands, the trickster and handsome healer. The warmth and real concerns of the authentic setting in Cranford are enduring and speak of timeless themes for our modern day where most troubles can be resolved over a nice hot cup of tea.

Celtic Harp Solo and Harp and Cello Duet arrangements
The songs are arranged in the key of G with 2 accidentals - lever flips. The lowest note is G, (1 1/2 octave below middle C). Intermediate arrangement.

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Welcome to Star Edwards Celtic Harp Music

Star Edwards is a multi-faceted performer from concert venues to background ambiance, Mel Bay music Publications author and Swallow Hill Music School harp teacher. She is at home delivering historical musical presentations for groups of 30 to 500 people.

For weddings, or special events that require a professional, artistic touch, nothing says elegance and ambiance more than harp music! Performing an expansive repertoire: classical, pop, swing/blues, Renaissance, medieval, South American, folk, Celtic, movie tunes, multi-cultural, Broadway standards, holiday, Disney, operatic and oldies.

Star feels equally comfortable playing rock n roll tunes from Van Morrison, Leon Russell, Elton John, Paul Simon, Sting, Beatles, Carol King, Ed Sheeran, John Legend, Lady Gaga, Andrea Bocelli, Bruno Mars, Adele and more!

She delivers an entertaining performance that brings magical cultural connections with heart felt stories and humorous observations of life. Her playing is steeped in the mythology of harp from the Celtic cultures recalling the ancient voice of her heritage. A truly contemporary interpretation speaks through her own finely crafted original songs.

A versatile musician, equally comfortable on the stage of the Paramount Theater playing for 2000 people or playing for an intimate romantic dinner for two. Star is flexible and able to think on her feet at times where events experience a glitch in plans.

Music that blends the rhythm of the heart with the spirit of the world.

"Classic interpretation, professionally performed" -- Dave Lacomte, My Brother's Bar, Denver

"Whether solo or trio, background for a reception or as a featured headliner, count on her audience thrilling artistry and consummate professionalism" -- Jim Schwartzkopff, Venture West Talent Agency

"When listening to Star Edwards' recent harp recordings, her talent is abundantly clear. I am especially impressed not only by her technical proficiency but also with the musicality with which everything is performed. Star's arrangements have a pleasant upbeat character reminiscent of traditional folk harp tunes, some of which are complimented by guitar, koto and drums. Whether in live performance or on CD, everyone should check out her work." -- Dr. Ted Nichelson, pedal harpist

"Star's music represents the finest of her genre, evocative and powerful yet with a lightness of spirit and touch. Listen closely and let the music take you where it will." -- Don Slepian, host of

When the din of the drum sets of rock bands, the chant of the pipes, and the silvery sounds of ballad singers find some distance, my favorite moment of any Irish Festival has been to sit in the shade and hear Star Edwards play the harp ... not simply to play it, but to play it in that way that made it the national symbol of Ireland. And it is, and her music is, Irish like nothing else." -- Brian Clancy,

Star Edwards' band or trio is a perfect act for an outdoor festival.....very magical!" -- Rhonda Welch, Greeley Arts Promoter

Click on the picture to see Star's most recent video:

Star with the Scottish Fiddle Club

Star Edwards on the Celtic harp at the Scottish Fiddle Club May 21st, 2023, featuring Soquell on fiddle
and Sequoia on Cello performing the Brave Heart theme song. This arrangemet is available at

The name of this harp is Golden Gaia. Its shape lends itself well to be a double harp, diatonic, with middle C in the center of the harp. On each side of middle C, is the same configuration of strings. Its sweet celestial sound is unique and bell like. The sides have a wood burning design of the ouroborus.

I designed this harp based on my dream and eventually had it created for me by wire harp maker, Alex Golden.

Available for Presentation Engagements

Irish Harp History and Song - Travel the path of long ago when Irish Bards held the keys to Irish history through their wit of storytelling. Learn how the harp came to Ireland and the influence of Italian music on a most famous 17th century harper composer and more!

How Dream Changed History - presenting original music celebrating historical dreams that changed history including dreams from Einstein, St. Patrick, Kekule, G.W. Bush, Jefferson and Adams, Larry Page, Constantine, Hitler, Otto Loewi, Louis Agassiz, Madame Walker, Mary Shelley, John Lennon, Elias Howe, Neils Bohr, Abraham Lincoln, Stephanie Meyer (Twilight), General Patton, and many more!

The Dreams Behind the Music - presenting the music and amazing dreams which resulted in wildly popular songs from music legends such as Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Beach Boys, Pharrell Williams, Taylor Swift, LL Cool J, Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, David Bowie, Johnny Cash, George Frederic Handel, Beethoven and more!

Dreams and Our Final Transition - presenting dreams and tools to allay anxiousness surrounding this natural life transition for patients and families using dream re-entry, dream transfers, dream rehearsals and active imagination. Presenting several actual dreams of patients in hospice resulting in a welcoming connection to our deepest longing for resolution, hope and peace.

Faces of Swallow Hill: Star Edwards

Carolyn's Welcome

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Carolan's Welcome

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Learn cutting edge techniques for reading notes, based on predictable, logical patterns in music. This technique gets you past reading each note and seeing the bigger picture of the music. Includes reading ledger lines!

From workshop participants:

"I am so excited to be able to read music so quickly!"

“Your Class opened up a whole new world and confidence when it comes to reading notes. I don't even write the note names in under my music any more!!! “

Access to music sets kids and adults up for success. Music education builds vocabulary, strengthens social skills, promotes literacy, enhances creative thinking.

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Hand and Sitting Position at the Harp
The Parts of the Harp
Music Language Basics
Music Notation
Neighbor Notes and Every Other Notes
Placing and Brackets
Tuning the Harp
Two Hand Coordination
How to Change Keys Using Levers
Avoiding Injury
Note Reading Tips

Media * Weddings * Gigs * CDs * Music Books * Lessons * Demos * Photos * Practitioner
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