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Star Edwards is well known for her eclectic harp styles, whether playing solo or ensemble. Captured by the storytelling quality of folk music and fiery protest music of Dylan and Baez, she took up guitar at thirteen years old. The folk ballads led to an inevitable introduction to Irish and Scottish music. An important influence in Star's musical choices come from a dance background in International folk dance music. All these musical styles have found a home in the heart of Star's music. Improvisation is the backbone of Star's playfulness with her music. She improvised and played by ear for ten years on harp before she came to read notation. It is through this playfulness and use of imagination on harp that has been an open door to composing music which writes itself down. She welcomes the melodies, as the songs search for her joyful openness.

In 1983 she founded the Colorado Folk Harp Society, and has directed and arranged music for the Celtic Harp Orchestra. Star has been responsible for bringing the presence of the Celtic harp to many festivals, such as the Scottish Highland Games and the Irish Festival in Denver since 1985.

Star has authored 14 music books and four CD's.

Star was invited to be a guest with the Internationally acclaimed Irish group, The Chieftains, as they toured through Denver and Colorado Springs in 2003. In a farewell gesture to their harper, Derek Bell, she was to play his favorite pieces with the Chieftains. Star has appeared on an episode of the Perry Mason TV show, The Case of the Skin Deep Scandal, with Morgan Fairchild and the movie, The Princess and the Dwarf, which was shot at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. The movie featured Warwick Davis, John Rhyes-Davies, and Richard Kiel.

Star teaches Celtic harp at Swallow Hill Music School in Denver and continues to explore the possibilities of numerous styles of music on the harp. Star is playing a fusion of folk rock world music with Kingbeat, which include guitar, drums and keyboard back up.

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