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May 2022 Summer Safari Dinner at the

May 2022 Summer Safari Dinner at the

May 2022 Summer Safari Dinner at the
Wild Animal Sanctuary, Keenesburg, CO

May 2022 Summer Safari Dinner at the

2021 Athena Festival

2021 Athena Festival

Swallow Hill Faculty Concert

Swallow Hill Faculty Concert

2022 Random Acts of Harping

2022 Random Acts of Harping
At Washington Park, Denver

Kirah, Wade, Phoeney

Santa and Star

Star and Santa


Star and KingBeat
Star and KingBeat at the Winter Park Chocolate Festival June 2013
Star and KingBeat
Star and KingBeat at the YMCA of the Rockies Summerfest Concert Series June 2013
Star and KingBeat at the Winter Park Chocolate Festival June 2013

Star Edwards Trio at
My Brother's Bar

Star with KingBeat at the 2011
Tomodachi Concert

Star playing her Koto
Tomodachi Concert to Save the Children of Japan
from the 2011 Tsunami

Performing at a tea

Star in her Studio 2020

Star in her studio
Swallow Hill Open House

Swallow Hill Music School Open House

2023 Wedding

Wedding photo by Lily Sitero Photography

Denver Botanical Gardens 2020

Robert Burns Supper 2020
Enchanted Forest 2020
Private Wedding 2020
Christmas at the Scottish Rites Temple


Star played at the Brown Palace Hotel on
Wednesdays for High Tea for five years

Playing at the Enchanted Forest

Star on her Renaissance Harp at the Enchanted Forrest

Robert Burns Night with Michael Thompson 2014

Ireland 2013

Star playing harp at McDermott's Pub in Doolin

Star playing harp at O'Connor's Pub in Doolin

Merrion Park, Dublin
Irish Traditional Music Archives, Dublin
Merrion Park, Dublin

Star at McDermott's Pub in Doolin, Ireland 2013

Star at Innishmoor outside the American Bar


Lyon & Healy Classical Harp

Highland Garb

Asian Koto

Irish Lass

Harpo Marx Impersonator

Westover Renaissance Harp

Colorado Folk Harp Society

Star at the old Swallow Hill Music Hall


Storytelling at Golden Arts Festival

Harp Demonstration at New Age Expo

St. Andrews Society Scottish Games

Star at the Colorado Heritage Festival

Donnabeth Darnell at Scottish Game's Tent

Marharbour Concert Salon

Highland Heritage Park Scottish Games

Colorado Folk Harp Society at St. Patrick's Day Parade

Teaching at Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp, Estes Park, CO

Star's ensemble at St Barnabas Concert
Performing World Rhythms
2008 Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp

Star at Highlands Ranch Library

Star's Venezuelan harp

Dan Raymond, Star and Ed Contreas

Billie & Io join Star at Highlands Ranch Library

Star's first Venezuelan Harp

Star playing a Camac electric harp
at the 2013 Dream Conference

17th Century Downhill Harp
at the Guinness Brewery in Dublin

Star, Billie, Barb, Colette, Julia, Kathy and Michelle
Harpist for Peace 10-10-10 at the Mecury Cafe

Harpists for Peace Website

Mercury Cafe Student Recital
Colette - Susan - Billie - Io - Lauren - Barb
January 2011 Student Get Together at the Mecury Cafe in Denver

Valiarie - Marie - Missy
November 2014 Students at the Ronald McDonald House, Denver

Star Edwards Band photo

Star Edwards Trio


Checking out the harps at Walton's Music, Dublin

Charles Stewart Parnell monument, Collins Avenue, Dublin

Liffey River, Dublin

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