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Long, long ago when I was taking lesson from Therese-Schroeder-Sheker, I learned about the healing aspects of music. I was unable to join There’s Chalice of Repose program at the time. My friend, Peggy Quinn, who was also a student of Therese’s, started a hospice/assisted living home in Denver called Anam Chara, where I was able to play at patients bedside for patients in transition and assisted living patients.

Anam Chara Denver

I eventually found the program developed by Laurie Riley called, The Music For Healing And Transition program, took all the necessary course work and did my internship at Children’s Hospital. I was awarded with a certificate from The Music For Healing And Transition program.

It has given me immense satisfaction to be able to assist people in their time of transition. Choosing this type of work is a service close to my heart, as I had a near death experience when I was 4 years old. That experience has impacted me to this day, guiding me back to the death process and its infinite possibilities regarding transition.

Music as a healing medium is being recognized by many institutions. This type of medium is so foundational to life and its power still being explored. The links provided below are current articles discussing the impact that music embodies.


How Does Music Heal the Brain and the Body?











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