Venus in Paradise

This book sculpture was a gift. This is an interactive box, where you can move the sea shells, Venus, birds, the dolphins and sun….Much like the rhythm of the waves moving, the figures remind me that life never stands still…

Soften Up Sculpture

This book reflects the process of life where all the hard edges wear away to a new softer persona.

Pyramid Book

The Answer - Pyramid Book Sculpture

In this pyramid form, the book takes the reader through a series of questions, all which are designed to give an answer according to what dimension it comes from. I contend that there are always four ways to solve a problem through the four aspects of our psyche. The four aspects of the pyramid are the dimensions of the human experience in the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual world. The truest answer to some of life’s most troubling problems is in the center of all four worlds: Acceptance.

To Be Whole - Copper Zipper Book Sculpture

This book sculpture is based on Carl Jung’s wonderful verse about embracing the good, bad and ugly parts of ourselves to be whole. In this gesture, we can be compassionate to all of humanity, recognizing our common heritage of human-ness, with all its flaws and beauty.

Metal Book Scuplture

Plug In - Metal Book Sculpture

This is a book sculpture that conveys only symbols and texture to its “readers”. We don’t need words to tell a story. In this way symbols are elastic and can say many things to who ever observes the interplay of how each symbol relates to another symbol to tell its story.

Sisterectomy Sisterectomy

Avoid a Sisterectomy - Box Book Sculpture

This sculpture is in response to having the regular trials and tribulations of working out family issues with siblings. This is a reminder that wounds make poor swords and that love paves this rocky road!

Swiss Cheese Book
Swiss Cheese Book
If You Could… Would You - Swiss Cheese Book Sculpture

This book sculpture is influenced by the TV show/book from Stephen King called The Dead Zone, which is about a man’s psychic gifts and how he sees the world through his visions, which include the “dead zone” a factor that means he only sees part of the scene or a part that can change with every passing moment. I did this sculpture in response to that TV series, and asked the questions: if we could see into the future, would we want to; would you want to see a big issue in your life now, is in the same state 30 years in the future; or, that you gained 50 pounds in the future? How would knowing the future affect what we do today???

Time Book
Time Book
Time - Wood and Plastic Book Sculpture

This sculpture explores the function of time and the possibility of being able to view a whole life in its circular motion; a never-ending series of events cascading into forever and having a quality of transparency to the whole sequence of events to give us better clarity of purpose and appreciation.

What Has Happend to the Women of the World?
What Has Happend to the Women of the World?
What is Happening To The Women of the World? - Sewn Paper Book

This book is many things to me… an outrage…. a plan…. information….. and a cry to others. Outlined in this book are many stories about women or girl babies in many cultures that will illicit rage in the average compassionate person. Hopefully that strong emotion can be a catalyst to empowerment, to be a force for change in the world. What you can do to help is listed in the back of the book.

Mest Scree Book

Pearls of Wisdom
Recollections Of A Well Red Mind - Metal Screen Book Sculptures

These books explore the permeability of our interactions in the world through the written world and relationships.

Biography In Five Short Chapters

Biography In Five Short Chapters- Book Sculpture

This book sculpture is based on the very poignant perspective from Claudia Black, detailing how we continue to be snared in the same habits time after time until we gain awareness to get out of the hole and “walk down another street” Claudia Black did extensive work with people who came from families with alcoholic troubles. Her book, Repeat After Me has been a saving grace for thousands of people.



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