Embroidered Bead Necklaces

Animal Instricts
Morelia Close Up
Animal Instincts Close Up
Three Foxes
Lion's Gate
Cat Royale
Three Bears
Lady Moon
I Am Ageless
Turtle Poetry
Oh Deer
Chief Bear
Three Only Things
Branching Woman
Processing Balance
Temple of Balance
Shark Bait

Recycled Jewelry

Dangle earrings:
Bicycle inner tube tire, credit card and metal

Dangle earrings:
Credit card and metal

Dangle earrings:
Brass and freshwater pearl

Dangle earrings:
Aluminum plates with crystal beads and copper

Dangle earrings:
Aluminum plates

Pendant: Amulet Abacus: brass, amber, ivory, turquoise, wood, rose quartz, carnelian and copper

Amulet Abacus: brass, turquoise, glass, coral, quartz, plastic

Amulet Abacus: brass, wood, crystal, onyx, nickel, silver wire

Necklace: Stone, plastic, metal, pearl, carnelian, coral, tiger eye, silver plate with yellow paste stones, turquoise, horn

Metal, pearl, abalone, quartz, turquoise, wood, glass

Necklace: Guitar pick, copper, plastic, hematite, quartz, pearl, metal with paste stones, electric cord

Three strand necklace:
Rose quartz, amethyst, garnet, glass, crystal, fimo clay, pearl

Three strand necklace:
Horn, wood, pearl, turquoise, glass, metal, tiger eye, copper

Turquoise, onyx, metal crystal, nickel silver

Necklace: Coin, computer keyboard, plastic, wood, metal,
carved soapstone, hematite

Close up of necklace on the left

Necklace: Metal, wood, hematite, jade, onyx, plastic, crystal

Close up of necklace on the left


paper brooches 1

Hand Made Paper Pins with Copper


paper brooches 2



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