Welcome to Star Edwards - Celtic Harp

"It was a joy to have you with us + a sacred gift to have you play" G + M

"You're the best harp teacher ever" S.T.

"Thanks so much for treating me to a wonderful day at the Fiddlin' Camp in Deckers. I enjoyed it all, the beautiful scenery, music & company!" I. C.

"Thank you so much for your lovely program for the P.E.O. lucheon. Everyone enjoyed it immensely. I was so happy that you shared some info about the harp and music!" M.

"Thank you for everything you've done for me. I miss our Tuesday lessons" K.C.

"Thank you once again for making our Celtic Tea such a special event. Our patrons just love this event & I look forward to it for months. You are a wonderful part of the "tradition" S.C.

"Many thanks to you for sharing of your time & talents with us at Imbolc this year. Your music was greatly appreciated by all of the folks present" S.

"Thanks for the terrific CD. I think of you and all the great times we had in Ireland every time I play it" Joan

"Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for performing so beautifully at our wedding. You made our day special..." T & D

"Thank you so much for being part of the Arts on Vine series....your concert was simply wonderful .." B.M.

"...your music added so much to our ceremony. It was truly a magical moment in time for us" M & J

"..thank you for your class. You have such a generous spirit that comes across in your teaching. I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your patience with my million questions" C

"We had a flood of positive comments on your music. People respond so enthusiastically to your playing... S.C.

"Thanks you for agreeing to play on such short notice and playing so beautifully. There's nothing like a harp to give an occasion class.." L.D.

"The music was wonderful and a big part of our day! Thank you for everything including rolling with the punches when the rain started!" S & F

"Thank you for playing at the Angels Collectors Convention. You are a gifted harpist and I loved listening to you play!" M

"Thank you very much for helping make our wedding day the most special day of our lives. Your musical talent is unsurpassed" L & G

"Dear Star, Thank you for putting a lot of time in for making me a harp player. But at this point I think I have to say it's enough. I'm sorry we won't be able to see each other one last time. So as we part I would like to say good-bye and thank you. I love you Star. Love, N. PS. My heart is with u" 7 year old student N.

"Thanks again for participating at the 2000 Boulder Creek Festival. Thanks to everyone who performed, we received the readers choice award for "Best Live Performance" K.P.

"Thank you for all your work to organize and coordinate the MHTP program in Denver. Your enthusiasm and generosity have made a big difference in our lives" MHTP class of 1999-2000

"Thank you so very much for coordinating the harpists to participate in our CAM Health Fair. Heartfelt thanks" T

"Thank you very much for encouraging me this last year in my pursuit of music. I have much appreciated your being my mentor and my friend." M.H.

"Thank you for your role in making the festival a tremendous success. Our community has changed because of this day..." S.R.

"Thank you so much for judging the Folk Harp Competition at the Highland Games again. We really appreciate your giving of your time and talents...." P.Z.

"Thank you so much for the CD. I have shared it with many of my patients. You are a remarkable person and I have enjoyed working with you. Your work is an inspiration" B.K.

"Many of our guests complemented us on the beautiful music you played and we feel that it made such a happy occasion even more meaningful. You're a very talented musician!" Y.E.

"Your performance at the 8th Cultural Concert helped to create a memorable occasion. The audience was very receptive and enjoyed the evening" S.W.

"I really appreciate the tape and your information. Your music is beautiful but unfortunately I was looking for a "real" harp to play a t my wedding. I will recommend you to others" J.M.

"Thank you for your CD. You are very talented but we will not need your services" F.R.

"Star, your music is wonderful. I meditate to it daily" A.

"You gave a lovely performance and your history explanations in between songs are most interesting. Your relaxed manner and sense of humor are so delightful" M.B.

"Thank you so much for your beautiful music at my reception. It was just lovely. You really have a special gift!" L.M.

"Your music was truly the touch of class at our party. The relaxation that comes with harp music created such a nice atmosphere for people to comfortable ad converse" J.R.

"I, ....I have heard the harp of an angel.
I have seen the light captured on gold-hued wood
I have felt the passion of a heart's song
and these things combined have shot through my soul
and I have wept.."
-- left on a napkin at Paris on the Platte lounge

"I have been playing your tape in the mornings and find I feeling refreshed and cheerful. Your tape appears to be a very ambitious project. I'm impressed" J.R.

"I have been enjoying your tape for some time now. It is so lovely and my favorite is Song for Life. Perhaps that is because of the background music which intrigues me" B.P.

"You are so very talented, Star, and the music shows that you love what you are doing. It sounds so sweet and connected--you are confident and love what you do" I.M.

"In addition to being a fine musician, Ms. Edwards is a first-rate storyteller and gave much pleasure with her background anecdoted about the evenings selections" S.G.

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