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Want to learn
to play harp?

Access to music sets kids and adults up for success. Music education builds vocabulary, strengthens social skills, promotes literacy, enhances creative thinking

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All students learn basic finger patterns (neighbor note patterns, every other patterns and mixed note patterns).
Bring your harp for the first lesson, so sitting position can be shown for your size harp.

Don't read music notation? No problem!
We will learn the first few songs by ear and use harp tablature as a back up writing system of remember the song patterns. This allows us to focus on letting hand position get solid - the most important aspect of harping!

Read music already? That's great!
We start on simple songs using a proven progressive method that encourages confidence and fun in learning.
The following pages are taken from my books and can be used for reference in our learning process:

Hand and Sitting Position at the Harp
The Parts of the Harp
Music Language Basics
Music Notation
Neighbor Notes and Every Other Notes
Placing and Brackets
Tuning the Harp
Two Hand Coordination
How to Change Keys Using Levers
Avoiding Injury
Note reading tips

To inquire about private lessons
Please call 303-831-1744
Or call Swallow Hill Music School

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