Orion's Bow

Rebecca, Ruth, Ben, John and Star

Featuring Celtic harp, recorders, violin, electric bass,
mandolin, cello and accordion

Orion’s Bow primary soul music is expressed in its Celtic roots serving up Celtic specials every performance with an energetic foot-tapping sound that is lively and fresh. The five members of Orion’s Bow have incredible, diverse interests in musical traditions inspiring an eclectic approach that blends the voice of tradition with contemporary sound. They are equally comfortable playing the dance standards of the Renaissance, South American habaneras, Sephardic love songs, and Americana fiddle tunes to folk pop. Dynamic shifts between instrumental combinations give their music an unexpected texture, which continually evolve their creative process in a light-hearted, fun journey. Celtic harp, mandolin, electric bass, violin, cello, recorders, penny whistles and accordion combine the ancient sound of their musical heritage and delivers it with the rhythm of the heart and spirit of the world.

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YMCA of Rockies Summerfest Concert
July 28th, 2012 - 7:30-8:30 pm - Estes Park, CO

Old Mill Brewery and Grill - Littleton

Swallow Hill Concert at Tufts Hall - Denver

Celtic Harvest Festival Edgewater

Colorado Scottish Festival and Rocky Mountain Highland Games

Colorado Irish Festival on the Killians Cultural Pub Stage

My Brother's Bar Summer Concert Series

Berkley Community Church

Denver Public Library

Aquarium "Tiger Day"

Taste of Colorado

Scottish Music Festival

Colorado Shakespeare Festival


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