Star Edwards and KingBeat

Kent on Guitar * Julio on Keys * Star on Harp * Gary on Drums * Jimmy on Bass

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In 2010 Star and KingBeat teamed up to create a new kind of music combining the Celtic harp with a rock band. This is an exciting combination that delivers upbeat danceable world music. It features original music along with some of their favorite world folk songs delivered with contemporary interpetations from planet Earth. We create music that blends the rhythm of the heart with the spirit of the world.

The below songs were recorded live at a concert to raise money
for the children of Japan after the 2011 Tusnami.
Read more about it. Check out the poster.

Jamaica Farewell

Barcelona Nights

Waiting for Summer

Quando El Rey Nimrod

Red Ballons in October Skies

St Thomas

Star Edwards and KingBeat the the 2013 Winter Park Chocolate Festival


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